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Our patented product. It has obtained the European, American and Chinese patent certificates. The glass fiber of Positile® uses formaldehyde free adhesive and has passed the reach and AgBB / DIBt emission test certification.

It has a very good noise reduction effect and convenient for renovation. All our products are safe, El class formaldehyde emission, you can rest assured to choose our floor.





Product features


Product features

Strong adhesion and easy removal

Can be repeatedly peeled and pasted

Good noise reduction effect


No toxic chemicals


Applicable area


Business building, Mall, Hospital, Factory, School, Gymnasium, Supermarket, Office area


Manufacturing Standards


ISO 14001

ISO 9001

Common size


18”x 18”         6”x 36”

12”x 24”         7.25”x 48”

18”x 36”         9”x 48”

36”x 36”         24”x 24”


185/230 x 1500 mm

185/230 x 1800 mm

Product certification






- Technical Specifications -




Wear Layer Thickness ISO 24340 0.07-1.0 mm
Overall Thickness ISO 24346 2.0-6.0 mm
Dimensional Stability ISO23999 0.15%
Curling(Norm) ISO23999 0.5 mm
Staining and Resistance to Chemicals ASTM F925 Not affected
Color fastness ISO105-B02 ≥min. 6
Caster Chair Effect ISO 4918 No damage
Residual Indentation (Average) ISO24343-1 ≤0.10 mm
Slip Resistance(ASTM) DIN 51130 R9/R10/R11
Slip Resistance(DIN) EN 13893 DS
Abrasion Resistance EN 660-2 Class T
Reaction to Fire EN 13501-1 Bfl-S1
Toxicity EN 71 No Toxic, Not Contain Heavy Metal and Formaldehyde
TVOC (28days) ISO 16000-6 A+
Formadehyede EN 717-1 E1