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Click makes floor installation simple and easy


Click adopts the perfect fit of tongue and groove, which makes the floor installation a simple and fast process.

The super locking force can realize the seamless connection between floors without height difference,

the floor edge will not be displaced, firm, no abnormal noise, and good stability.







1. Fast installation

No glue is needed, only two hands are needed to complete the floor installation. No matter you are a professional installer or DIY, the lock can help you greatly reduce the installation time, which is extremely convenient for users, pave your floor and enjoy life immediately.


2. Simple disassembly

Each piece of floor can be easily removed without use of tools. The removed floor can be reinstalled and used anywhere else. After reinstallation, your floor will maintain its original durability.


3. Seamless connection

Using the lock, there is almost no gap, which is very beneficial to the cleaning of the floor. There is almost no chance for the stains to penetrate into the gap


4. After various professional tests, it meets all en product standards

Castor chair testing

Lock strength test

Gap test

Flatness and height difference test

Vertical load test


5. Fancy assembly is also convenient

The combination of herringbone, square, parallel or slate is not a problem.

Due to different style of designs, we have different types of lock to meet various needs, and provide appropriate lock schemes for different products, width and thickness. We have patent protection for the lock system. Please feel free to choose.


6. Product certification



Types of Lock









Three Styles Of Lock Installation


1.fold down

All you have to do is to drop down and press. The quick installation is particularly suitable for large areas.



Need to elevated to a 30 to 45 degree angle. Then, click and press.


3.Push down

Press slightly or use a rubber hammer along the short end just installed.






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